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Getting into the Spirit of #Halloween with a "Kidz Bop Halloween Hits!" Fan Video

We are huge fans of Kidz Bop here; in fact, I think we own every CD they’ve made. When we got the chance to checkout the new Kidz Bop Halloween Hits! CD, we didn’t even consider turning it down.

Kidz Bop turns radio songs into kid-friendly versions, so your children can listen to popular music without inappropriate content. I love Kidz Bop too because it’s not as cutesy as other children’s music and some of the songs are even better than the originals, in my opinion. This Halloween version has songs like "Thriller", "Monster Mash", "Disturbia", "I Want Candy", "Ghostbusters", and more. My kids have really enjoyed listening to old favorites along with learning songs they’d never heard before. They’ve held many dance parties while dancing to Kidz Bop Halloween Hits!.

You can purchase the new Kidz Bop Halloween Hits! at most major retailers nationwide. Learn more about this CD or listen to song clips on their website,

Thank you to Kidz Bop for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.