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Free Printables: Halloween Coloring Pages

Halloween will be upon us in just over a month.  Like for many children, Halloween is one of our children's favorite holidays.  Surprisingly, they love it not so much for the candy, but rather for seeing all the cool costumes and decorations.  Below you will find 6 free printable Halloween-themed coloring pages courtesy of Coloring Pages 24, a wonderful source of free coloring pages for a wide variety of themes and occasions.

Get your little ones excited about Halloween with some of the fun coloring pages below.  These would also be a great activity to keep children entertained during a Halloween party.  Personally, my favorite is the trick-or-treating toothy monster.  That coloring page is brand new for Halloween 2012!  Which one is your favorite?

TO PRINT:  Make sure your computer's printer is on and ready to print.  Click on desired image to enlarge.  Then right click and select print.  Use your browser's back arrow to return to this page.