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Finding Balance With Asperger's: Button Up Betsy . . . a Fun Fine Motor Skills Toy

Anything that helps build fine motor skills is a plus for my son, Quinn. But, when that thing makes fine motor building fun, that’s all the better. Button Up Betsy from the Therapy Shoppe is a playful way to work on those skills as well as teaching body awareness and dramatic play skills.

Betsy is a 14” fabric doll with 13 double-sided pieces of colorful clothing and accessories. These pieces button to her body on her head, torso, hands, and feet. Kids have tons of fun creating outfits and even changing her hairstyle with pigtails that button on and off! She has dresses, different facial expressions, purses, a guitar, roller skates, and more to give kids hours of playtime with a unique twist. As an added bonus, the entire set it machine washable.

Button Up Betsy is imaginative, entertaining, and completely unique as well as very well made. Quinn really loves this doll, even though it is technically marketed for girls. He’s had a blast playing with her different clothes and creating scenarios in which she’d wear each one. He also likes doing silly things like placing her face pieces onto her hand buttons or putting pigtails on her feet. She’s literally provided hours of fun for him and I doubt he’ll be losing interest any time soon. His friends (boys and girls alike) have commented on how much the like the doll as well.

Button Up Betsy can be purchased at She retails for $23.99.

Thank you to The Therapy Shoppe for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.