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Steve Light Storyboxes Aid in Development of Language and Storytelling Skills

Popular author, illustrator, storyteller, and teacher, Steve Light, has teamed up with leading toy manufacturer, Guidecraft, to offer new storyboxes that help bring classic stories to life in a fun way. Each of these storyboxes is beautifully crafted with high quality materials and hand-painted characters, props, and settings that will inspire creative play and bring children’s imaginations to life.

Because storytelling and make-believe play contribute to a crucial role in child development as well as language development (which is the foundation for later reading skills), telling stories with boxes such as the Steve Light Storyboxes helps foster kids early skills. Children will have a blast reading the story with their parents, then acting it out in their own words and creating new stories based on the original while playing with the props.

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We received Hansel & Gretel, a story we’ve read many times, but this storybox breathed new life into an old story. My 5 year old son, Quinn, has really enjoyed playing with the adorable pieces and making his own versions of the same old story. As a long time child educator, I can honestly say that this idea is such a great tool for all children, but especially for children on the Autism spectrum. Pretend play is so difficult for many ASD kids, but they usually love make-believe stories. With these story-boxes, they get to hear the story, but start making their own versions and twists and it really fosters their imagination and gets them using it like they never have before.

I have nothing but good things to say about the  Steve Light Storyboxes. They are extremely well-made, help build many life skills, and are fun to boot. They do have small pieces, so they are not recommended for children for whom choking may be a hazard or only to be used with supervision. I would highly recommend this for any child because they are both entertaining and educational.

You can purchase the  Steve Light Storyboxes  on,, Fat Brain Toys, and other specialty retailers of educational toys. The boxes retail for $50 each and feature the stories of The Girl Who Loved Danger, Rapunzel, Little One Inch, and  Hansel & Gretel.

Thank you to Steve Light for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.