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"Sports Illustrated Kids: Big Book of Why" Has Over 500 Fun Sports Facts

The Sports Illustrated Kids: Big Book of Why is good for people who like watching and playing sports.  I chose to review this book because I like sports.  The paragraphs in this book are answers to most sports questions of every sport, like soccer, Nascar driving, basketball, baseball, football, swimming, biking, ice skating, skiing, and lacrosse.

The picture below shows one of my favorite questions and the answer . . . "Why do cyclists usually ride in packs, rather than trying to out-race each other?"  Cyclists sometimes try to outrace each other, but they also use each other to go faster.  If you're riding behind another bike, they're clearing out a path of air for you to go faster.  I think this is interesting because I really like biking and I like going fast on my bike.

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The picture below is the question "Why do swimmers wear skin-tight caps on their heads?"  Swimmers will go slower because of anything that is not smooth, which will cause friction and slow them down.  So they wear skin-tight caps over their heads to prevent that.  This is interesting to me because I didn't know what the caps were for until now.

This book is good for ages 6 and up.  My Dad thought this book was interesting too.  People should give this book as a gift to other sports fans.  This book sells for $17.95, but you can usually find it for less on and on  You can learn more about Sports Illustrated Kids books by visiting

Thank you to Sports Illustrated Kids for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.