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Silly Monkey Stories: A "Star Wars" Story

We are Star Wars fans, from my sons Luke (yes, really) and Jake, to my wife Karen (although she won't admit it, her Star Wars trivia skills rival my own). As a result my daughter Makenzie is a Star Wars fan by proxy. This is all very important as you will see . . .

Today while we were eating dinner, Makenzie started a conversation that went like this:

Makenzie: “Baba, you know there was a trooper at taekwondo?”

Me: “Really?”

Makenzie: “Yes, he was the daddy of one of the students. He had a gun, but he was not wearing his armor.”

I thought that was the most amazing thing I have ever heard. I was proud and embarrassed at the same time.  My little girl hears me and the boys say “trooper” all the time and never had it occurred to me that she thought it was the same as a police trooper!


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