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Scary Child's Werewolf Halloween Costume

Our 5-1/2 year old son is crazy about action figures, so I was sure when given the choice that he would choose The Hulk or GI Joe for a possible Halloween costume.  Instead, he chose this Howling At The Moon Werewolf Child Costume out of the hundreds of costumes for boys on  We looked at all the child werewolf costumes and thought that this one looked the most realistic.  I also thought it would be a nice change for our son to be able to wear his own jeans and sneakers as part of his costume.

To go along with the costume, I had also requested a Black Makeup Stick to darken the area around our son's eyes.  The stick is very inexpensive, but made a huge difference in how the costume ultimately looked.  I drew two large circles around my son's eyes and then filled them in.  In hindsight, I should have made the circles even larger than I did.

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I had requested this costume in a size Medium and the body and sleeves fit pretty well.  It does have enough room for our son to grow a little and still be able to use this costume next year.  The mask, however, was a little roomy.  Since our son's head did not fill the mask completely, it did not always keep its shape and it shifted once in awhile.  When centered properly, our son said that he could see just fine.

The mask is part rubber and part synthetic fur.  The werewolf's ears and face are made of molded rubber.  The maw was particularly cool to look at because the werewolf has sharp teeth and fangs along with a rubber tongue.  The werewolf's furry arms and chest are attached to the flannel shirt, which has a hem and sleeves that have been cut into strips for a torn look.

Overall, our son said the costume was comfortable to wear, aside from the tag being a little itchy.  In the fall, we can easily layer a shirt underneath the costume.  He also thought that the mask was a little too scary, but he still thought it was cool and wanted to wear it.  The mask did get a little warm, but not so much that our son complained or wanted to take it off.  The mask also shed a few small clumps of fur, but it was not continuous shedding.  I did not have any problems with the arms or chest shedding, even when I had to fluff the fur up with my hands.

This costume sells on  for $36.99 and the Black Makeup Stick for $1.49.  To see more fun costumes for children and adults, visit, where you can received Free Shipping on a purchase over $49 when you checkout using Code: SHIP49.

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