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Save $10 off Admission to Six Flags Courtesy of Gogo's Crazy Bones

Gogo’s are small, colorful toys that resemble Squinkies, but are made of hard plastic instead of rubber. They come in hundreds of designs and colors and each one has its own unique personality, name, and abilities.They were inspired by ancient Greek games where kids played by bouncing and throwing sheep knuckle bones. Gogo’s are fun little characters and have a game that resembles marbles and jacks. Each Gogo has its own number for collecting and are designed so you can hold and throw them with one hand.

A few months ago when my youngest son, Quinn, had his tonsils removed, my mother bought him a pack of Gogo’s at the store because she thought he’d like them. Thus began my kids fascination with these little characters. They are very cute, miniature, and perfect for collecting and playing with, which is right up their alley.

We’ve bought several small blister packs of Gogo’s since their first exposure to them, so when we got offered to try out the new set, Gogo’s Crazy Bones, I knew both my kids would want them. As expected, the Gogo’s delivered and my kids have enjoyed playing with their two new ones.

As an added promotion, Six Flags is getting in on the fun by offering $10 discount off of admission with a coupon downloaded from Gogo's Crazybones' website. This offer is only valid at participating Six Flags theme parks, including: Six Flags Over Texas, Over Georgia, Great Adventure, Great America, and New England, until September 30, 2012!

Gogo’s Crazy Bones are available at: Walgreens’s, Walmart, ToysRUs, Target, Big Lots, Learning Express, Mastermind Toys, Five Below, The Paper Store, Permed,, and Olympia Sports.

Thank you to Gogo's Crazy Bones for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon.