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My Photos: Picnic at Cochituate State Park

This past Saturday, we attended an annual picnic hosted by the studio at which our children take taekwondo lessons.  This was our first year attending, as we just started their lessons there this summer.  The event took place at Cochituate State Park and we ended up having the perfect weather.  The temperatures were in the low 80s.  The sky was slightly overcast.  It was not too hot, but the water in Lake Cochituate was warm enough for the children to play in.

Aside from some overly-aggressive bees that were after anything that was remotely sugary at the picnic, the whole family enjoyed being surrounded by nature.  I was surprised that we did not even need insect repellent.  Everyone brought something good to eat.  There were plenty of picnic tables, but we still brought our own camping chairs.  The children were also able to ride in a row boat for the first time, which my husband rented for an hour.  The children were excited to see so many little fish in the lake, which had a shallow part roped off for swimmers to keep them separated from the row boats, speedboats, and canoes.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the event . . . 

(Click any photo to enlarge)
"Making New Friends" 

 "On the Move"

"A Hitchhiker" 

"A Boat Ride With Dad" 

"The More the Merrier" 

"A Splashin' Good Time" 

"You Naughty Boys, Go Play Over There!" 

"Fond Memories Made"

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