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Installing Earthscapes Vinyl Flooring From Home

Earthscapes vinyl flooring is an exciting new type of resilient flooring that appears poised to change the face of home flooring forever. Earthscapes is a far cry from the vinyl flooring that once adorned virtually every kitchen and bathroom floor in America. This new generation of vinyl flooring is made of PVC to create a moppable, scrubbable surface that resists tears and punctures.

Earthscapes flooring features designs that closely mimic natural surfaces such as wood, cork, stone and tile. Unlike wood or cork floors, however, this new type of vinyl flooring is easy to maintain and highly resistant to stains and damage. It can even stand up to pets. Unlike stone or tile flooring, Earthscapes is soft and warm to walk on. It provides insulation to help keep your heating and cooling from escaping through the concrete or wood subfloor beneath your flooring. Best of all, Earthscapes is easy to install yourself.

Traditional vinyl flooring is awkward to handle and is easily damaged, making installation tricky. It also must be cut precisely to fit in order to avoid bubbles or creases and then glued tightly to the floor decking. Because traditional vinyl adheres so closely to the surface beneath it, even relatively minor defects in the subfloor will cause irregular wear patterns in the vinyl after installation. Therefore, it is necessary to install an approved underlayment before you install the vinyl. Toilets, pedestal sinks and baseboards must be removed before installation and reinstalled after the vinyl installation is complete.

Earthscapes vinyl flooring, on the other hand, handles much like carpet, and can be rolled, bunched or draped without damage. It is loose-laid on any smooth floor, and does not have to be cut quite as precisely as traditional vinyl. Bubbles are not an issue because the flooring is not glued down, and creasing is less of a problem with a loose-lay installation.

Minor defects in the floor beneath the vinyl are not as critical as they are with traditional vinyl because the flooring rides atop the floor rather than adhering to it. However, unless the existing floor is relatively smooth and seamless, as in an existing vinyl or other smooth-surface floor, underlayment should be installed.

Earthscapes vinyl is cut to fit around toilet and pedestal sink bases, eliminating the need to remove and reinstall them. Baseboards can also be left in place. Special double-sided installation tape is applied in the center of the room, as well as at HVAC register openings, thresholds and around the bases of toilets and sinks in order to prevent slippage or tears. Areas that abut cabinet toe-kicks and plumbing fixtures are then caulked.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this new flooring is that installation is not permanent and does not impact the room's structure. As a result, it does not violate most rental agreements and can be installed nearly anywhere. As an added bonus, Earthscapes vinyl can be taken up and used in a different room or even taken along to your new home when you move.

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