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Jewel Master "Cradle of Rome 2" Game for Nintendo DS

I like matching games like Cradle of Rome 2.  As you reach higher levels, they get harder.  The object of the game is to complete your city and all the levels.  You have to get resources while you're matching and the buildings cost some of your resources.  The resources you can get are gold, food, and wood and stone.

The level shown below is Level 12.  You have to break all the chains and destroy all the blue tiles.  This is the level where it is starting to get hard.  There are 100 levels I'd have to complete.  What makes this level hard is that there are a lot of chains and blue tiles that you have to break before time runs out.

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After you've reached Level 12, this is what your city might look like.  In the tutorial, they wanted me to build a well so I can produce more food.

I really like this game because I'm good at making a lot of matches really fast.  There's one thing I don't like about the game . . . it's that the 3rd building you build costs 3,000 unites of coins and 2,500 units of food.  I don't like that because it's really hard to earn that much resources because the levels are getting harder.  If you fail the level, they don't give you the resources that I earned in that level.  I'm going to keep trying until I get past Level 100.  I get better as I play this game more.

You can buy Cradle of Rome 2 for DS and 3DS at most major game retailers like,, and Game Stop.

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