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Finally a Free Online Resource for Learning to Speak Chinese in Cantonese

I have always wanted to learn additional languages. From school, I can make out enough Spanish as to know what a conversation is about, but not enough to converse.

My wife is Cantonese and I have always wanted to learn how to speak it, not only for myself, but for my kids. I feel very strongly that they should grow up speaking the language from that part of their heritage. Since they were infants, they have called me “Baba”, which means “Daddy” in Chinese. Over the years I have managed to pick up an additional word here and there, but not more than a small handful.

Recently I came across and I was intrigued. It is so hard to find free or low cost language learning material so I was very excited. It is also extremely difficult to find learning materials that teach the Cantonese dialect rather than Mandarin.

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Although I cannot speak Cantonese yet, I am having a great deal of fun trying out my newly learned words and phrases on my wife. She is getting quite a kick out of my attempts to pronounce some common phrases in her native language (how silly I must sound!).

So far I am thoroughly impressed with LearningChineseEZ.  It is easy to both use and understand. I love that it is lightweight and simple, exactly what I need to get my new language skill started.  The free section of the site is filled with enough common phrases and vocabulary to keep you busy for quite awhile, but you can gain access to learn 10 times more Cantonese for a one-time fee of $10, which includes access to the Mandarin material as well.

I can see myself teaching my kids to speak Cantonese in the very near future!

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