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Libby's Single Serve Fruit Cups

 When I pack my children's lunches for school, I always try to include a healthy snack for them to enjoy after they have finished their main meal.  Sometimes I give them something crunchy like pretzels, but I know they often crave something on the sweet side.  Rather than include sugary snacks like pudding or gelatin, I like to give them something better for them, such as these 6oz Libby's Single Serve Fruit Cups.  Our children do not see these snack cups any differently than they do pudding or gelatin.  They just know that it is sweet and they love the taste.  They do not really care that the fruit is good for them and only has 120 calories per cup.  It's tough to get children to eat the recommended four servings of fruits and vegetables every day.  These fruit cups help to sneak in an extra serving during lunchtime, even when your children are away from you.

More about Libby's Single Serve Fruit Cups . . .
  • Four varieties are available . . . diced peaches, diced pears, mixed fruit and cherry mixed fruit
  • The fruit is California-grown
  • There are no unhealthy additives
  • Each individual 6oz fruit cup retails for $.99 to $1.39
  • Can be purchased at most major supermarkets
To learn more about Libby's products, visit and Libby's Table on Facebook.

Thank you to Libby's Fruits & Vegetables for providing a prize pack for our contest prize and for sending my family a prize pack as a thank you for taking the time to participate in this campaign.

The Libby's Single Serve Fruit Cups School Lunch Prize Pack contains the following:
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