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Adding a Print Friendly Button to a Blogger Blog With a Modified Template

At the request of some of my readers, I have added a print button to all of my posts.  This is mainly so that readers can easily print out recipes or craft tutorials without printing out the whole page.  This button is located on the upper-right corner of each post right below the post title and will allow you to print only the important text and images.

3G2S is a Blogger blog with a modified template.  I was able to add the free button from directly into my template's html by using the code for a "website".  If you have a standard Blogger template, then you can choose the "Blogger/Blogpost" option.  The instructions are for adding the print button to the bottom of your posts, but I felt comfortable enough with editing my blog's html to add it into my template at the top of my post, where I much prefer it.  If you are not comfortable with html, then I recommend following the instructions provided by for adding the button to your post footer.  If you are too nervous to touch your html at all, then there is an option to add the print button to your sidebar in a widget.

If you share recipes, crafts, or other tutorials on your blog, your readers would likely appreciate your making your posts "print-friendly."