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Transitioning from Ballet to Jazz/Hip Hop with We Love Colors Dancewear

For the most recent Fall and Spring seasons, our 5 year old daughter had been taking pre-ballet/jazz at a local dance studio.  The class was more centered around ballet than jazz, but she did enjoy it and proved to be quite graceful.  This summer, she is sampling a jazz/hip hop class for 6 weeks.  So far, she seems to be having fun and I will likely sign her up for the full year of jazz/hip hop for the coming Fall and Spring seasons. Our daughter is a very pensive careful person, so I am hoping that this class will help teach her to let loose a little now and then.

The arrival of her new fun and colorful Splash Color Scoop Neck Leotard and Kids Microfiber Footless Tights was timed just perfectly by We Love Colors Inc., a Miami-based family-run company that is known for both its hosiery and dancewear for men, women, and girls.  Our daughter had 7 colors to choose from for the Splash Color Leotard and then, based on her choice, I selected the color of the tights.  With 51 colors to choose from, you do not want to know how long it took me to decide on one.  I ultimately went with the ultra-versatile Ivory.

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Our daughter is wearing a size 6-8 in the leotard and a 4-6 in the footless tights.  I think I made the perfect choices for sizes.  The leotard fits, but is barely stretched out at all, so she has room to grow.  This is after we machine washed it in cold on the gentle cycle (even though hand washing is recommended) and we let it drip dry.  There was no fading, pilling, or shrinking that I could detect.  The tights are super-soft.  I was worried that a size 4-6 would be too small for our daughter, but the rise, the waist, and the length were perfect.

Through August 31st, 2012 We Love Colors Inc. is offering Free shipping to Australia and New Zealand with any order of $50 or more when you checkout with Code: WELOVEAUS2012.  There is flat rate shipping of just $5 for U.S. orders.  Visit and We Love Colors on Facebook to see their vast selection of tights and dancewear products.

Thank you to We Love Colors, Inc for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon.