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Silly Monkey Stories: How to Keep Your Buns Warm

Last week, we made some fresh rolls to go with dinner.  It was nearly 100 degrees outside, but we had the air conditioner on and it was cool enough inside the house to use the oven.  Well the air conditioner happens to be located in the wall right next to the dining table.  So we had to wrap the rolls up to keep them warm.  Our 5 year old son thought there was a better solution, so he asked . . .

"Why don't you just put the rolls outside to keep them warm?"

I've heard of people putting food and things outside to keep them cold in the winter, such as beverages, but I've never thought of putting food outside to keep it warm during the summer.  Neither my husband nor I could not think of a single reason why our son's idea was not valid, aside from maybe attracting ants.  Leave it to a 5 year old to stump both his parents.

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