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A Mini Monsuno Tournament Party!

About 65 million years ago, meteors fell to the planet and they carried a new type of life. This life was powerful, chaotic, and uncontrollable. These were Monsuno, and they were catastrophically destructive to all the prehistoric population. Over time, these Monsuno fell dormant, until today when a potential energy source is discovered. But can the Monsuno be controlled?

Monsuno is a fun new toy from Jakks Pacific as well as a television show on Nicktoons. Kids get to help control Monsuno with cards, cores and action figures in a fun, fast-paced battle for children of various ages. Jakks Pacific was kind enough to send us a box of Monsuno toys to hold our own Monsuno party.

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We created invitations and my kids invited their best buddies over to play the game and earn free cards. We had finger foods like pretzels, cheese and crackers, and juice boxes and decorated my oldest’s bedroom with balloons and the Monsuno toys. Even though I had activities planned, all they wanted to do was play with the Monsuno toys and cards we were sent, which worked out okay. They just did it in tournament form so everyone played for the same amount of time and no one was ever bored.

All the kids had a blast playing with the Monsuno stuff and they played for a couple hours non-stop. Their favorite toy was the core with the transforming action figures, but their favorite activity was playing the Monsuno card game. The youngest of the group was my son, Quinn (5), and he even understood the basic play of the game. They all loved opening their packs of cards and seeing what they got and the older kids really enjoyed playing on a more advanced level. Monsuno is now their new favorite thing to play and they play all the time.

You can purchase Monsuno toys and accessories at most major retailers nationwide, such as Walmart,, and Toys"R"Us.  Monsuno the TV show can be watched on Nicktoons on Thursday nights. Check local listings for show times.  To learn more about Monsuno products, visit and Monsuno Toys on Facebook.

Thank you to Jakks Pacific for providing complimentary product samples for our party.