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GUND "Top Dog" Photo Contest Prize . . . a Limited Edition Plush Made in Winning Dog's Likeness

Have you seen Boo, the canine who was named "The World's Cutest Dog" and who is now available as a GUND plush?  If you are a dog-owner, GUND is hosting a "Top Dog" Photo Contest on Facebook, in which you can enter to win to have your beloved dog's likeness captured in a Limited Edition GUND plush toy that will be available in stores in 2013.  In addition to this, the Grand Prize Winner will also receive 24 samples of this special Limited Edition plush dog to keep or share with whomever they like.  Four entries will win the 2nd Place prize, which will be their choice of $250 worth of GUND plush toys.

To enter, you simply need to submit your dog's photo in one or more of the four categories . . . Most Beautiful Dog, Ugliest Dog, "Doganista"/Best-Dressed Dog, and Dog That Most Resembles Its Owner.  You must submit your entry by August 5th, 2012 11pm EST.  This is certainly going to be a fun contest to watch.  The voting period will take place from August 6th to August 15th and the winners will be announced during the week of August 27th.  Go here to read the official contest rules.

While you're visiting GUND on Facebook, you can also enter to the GUND Most Pinteresting Dog Contest.

GUND sent me a promotional item as a thank you for sharing this information with my readers.