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Easy Craft: DIY Spring or Summer Floral Wreath

In early Spring, I had started eyeing the pre-made wreaths at our local A.C. Moore store.  I did see a few that I liked, however, I kept putting off buying one because I knew I could make one myself.  The last time I made my own wreath was about 10 years ago, but I decided that it was time to dust off the old glue gun and make a nice large wreath that I not only liked, but loved.

I like my wreaths to be full.  I just think they look more dynamic and stately that way.  I am not a minimalist in any other part of my life, so why start with my front door, right?  Making a full floral wreath is easier than you may think.  Let me show you how . . .

DIY Project:  Full Floral Wreath

artificial grapevine twig wreath
large artificial floral bouquet
artificial floral garland
scissors or wire cutters
hot glue gun
hot glue sticks

Before we start, I want to explain why I chose to use a floral bouquet rather than individual stems of flowers.  The first reason is that the bouquet has a nice mix of different colors, shapes, and sizes of flowers that already work together.  The second reason is that a bouquet costs much less than buying each stem or pick separately, especially when you can find the bouquet on sale.

Step 1.  Make your own floral picks by cutting each flower from the bouquet.  Push the leaves up towards the flower if you would like to use them in your wreath.  Then cut the stem with scissors or wire cutters about a half an inch below the leaf.  Do this for all the stems of flowers.

(Click any photo to enlarge)

Step 2.  Take the garland and hide the end in the inner circle of the wreath by tucking it in between two twigs.  Then secure the end in place with some hot glue.

Step 3.  Now take the garland and secure it to a spot on the outer circle of the wreath with some hot glue.  Repeat this, alternating between the inner circle and outer circle of the wreath, similar to a zigzag pattern.  Be sure to secure each point with hot glue.


Step 4.  Plan out the general placement of your flower stems, making sure to disperse the sizes and colors evenly around the wreath.

Step 5.  Push each flower stem in between two vines on the wreath and then secure with hot glue.  Repeat with all the flower stems.

Here is the result of today's craft project . . .

The garland is the secret to making this wreath look really full.  I love how mine came out and so does my family.  It is a very cheerful sight to welcome us every time we return home.  Our 5 year old twins especially love it because they are the ones who picked out the original bouquet of flowers used to make this wreath.