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DIY Mod Podge Beaded Magnetic Bow Holder Craft

This is a craft for a magnetic bow holder I did several months ago and just am now getting around to sharing it.  It is a super-easy DIY project using a white framed magnetic dry erase board.  My 5 year old daughter ended up liking it so much that I have been thinking about doing the same thing with a few wholesale poster frames and an inexpensive wall mirror, so that my daughter can have a matching set.  As she gets older, even if the posters change over the years, I think she would still love the beaded frames for several years to come.

This might be a project you can have an older child help you with.  Even though I was extremely careful while doing this project by myself, the some of the tiny beads still got away from me.

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DIY Project:  Beaded Magnetic Bow Holder

Mod Podge
sponge brush applicator
seed beads (in your choice of colors)
basic framed magnetic dry erase board (any size)
basic round craft magnets (one for each hair clip)
shallow pan or tray
large decorative magnet (optional)

All the supplies above can be found at your local craft store, although you may have more choices for the magnetic dry erase board at an office supply store.

Step 1.  Pour all your beads into the shallow pan or tray.  If you are using multiple colors, be sure to mix them together well.

Step 2.  Using the brush applicator, apply Mod Podge to the front of the dry erase board's frame.  Only apply to about a 6-inch section at a time.  (For best results, put the straight edge of the sponge applicator right at the inner straight edge of the frame and spread the Mod Podge toward the outer edge of the frame.  This helps to keep glue off of the magnetic surface.)

Step 3.  If it's not too heavy for you, hold the part of the magnetic board with the freshly applied Mod Podge  over the tray of beads.  Then use your fingers to generously sprinkle the beads over the glue.  Then gently shake or tap the board so that any excess beads fall back into the tray.  (You can also sprinkle the beads onto the frame while the board lays flat, but you will still need to lift the board to shake off the excess beads either now or when the glue has dried.)

Step 4.  Repeat Step 3 until the whole front of the magnetic board's frame has been covered with beads.

Step 5.  Check for "bald spots" on the frame where the beads are especially sparse.  Then, using the tip of the sponge applicator, dab some Mod Podge on those spots and sprinkle some beads over it.  Again, shake off any excess beads.

Step 6.  Allow the glue to dry for at least 20 minutes.  Then apply a thick coat of Mod Podge over the entire beaded frame by dabbing the glue on with the sponge applicator.  (This ensures that the glue gets in between the beads, creating a nice strong seal over and around them.)  Don't worry, the Mod Podge dries clear.

Step 7.  Allow the last layer of glue to dry for at least a half an hour.  You'll know that it is completely dry when the beads are rigid and immobile.  Then add your decorative magnet and hang your new bow holder on the wall.

Step 8.  Lastly, add the round magnets to the board.  They should hold any bows, hair clips, or barrettes securely that contain a metal clip, even if the clip is covered with fabric.

I learned that it is a good idea to buy more magnets than you think you'll need.  Our daughter's hair clip collection has grown quite a bit and she also manages to lose a magnet now and then.

If you decide to do this easy craft, I would love to hear about how it turns out.  This would make a great handmade gift for a young girl in your life.