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Back-to-School: Office Depot Will Donate 400,000 Sackpacks to Students in 2012

Every child needs a school bag to carry their books home from school, right?  Well, you may be surprised to learn that there are children in the U.S. who carry their lunches and books to school in plastic grocery bags because their families just cannot afford to or have simply neglected to buy backpacks for them.  In fact, there are enough children in this situation for the Office Depot Foundation to donate approximately 400,000 brand new sackpacks towards this cause in 2012 alone and an astounding 2.5 million backpacks over the first 11 years of their National Backpack Program.

The backpack program is only one of several socially responsible philanthropic programs organized or supported by the Office Depot Foundation, including efforts towards disaster relief and recovery.  You can learn about these efforts, how to get involved by volunteering, and how to make a charitable donation by visiting and Office Depot Foundation on Facebook.

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As always, I am proud to be a customer of a retailer that makes such a huge effort to give back and whose efforts benefit children.  Office Depot will definitely be one of my stops for back-to-school shopping this year.

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