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Wear A Princess Merida Costume to See Disney Pixar's BRAVE at the Theater

Last week, we had the pleasure of attending an advanced screening of Disney Pixar BRAVE.  As if our children were not excited enough to see this film, our daughter had even more reason to look forward to this event.  About a week prior, she received the JAKKS Pacific Merida's Scottish Princess Dress, the Merida Jewelry Set, and Merida's Wig.  The timing worked out perfectly for her to wear the Princess Merida costume to the theater.

Our daughter has straight dark brown hair.  Unless your child is a natural redhead, then I highly recommend purchasing the wig to go with the costume since it is one of Merida's signatures.  When I first took the wig out of the package and the protective netting, I thought that it looked very unnatural.  After I brushed it out a little, however, the curls softened and looked much more natural.  I have to say that I think our daughter enjoyed having a head full of curls.  She wore the wig for hours, as we traveled to Boston, walked to the theater, and sat through the movie.  Aside from itching her now and then, she said it was comfortable to wear.  On the way home from the movie, she did take the wig off, but then she asked if we could dye her hair red.

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I am extremely pleased that the rest of the costume seemed to be as comfortable for our daughter to wear as the wig.  The dress is recommended for girls sizes 4 to 6x.  Our daughter takes a 5/6 and I found that the dress fit her perfectly.  The waist, which is elasticized in the back, hit at just the right place on her.

The jewelry set comes with a pair of clip-on earrings that glow in the dark.  They were also comfortable for our daughter to wear the whole time.  She is so sad that she lost one while skipping back to the car through the streets of Boston.  The tiara has one comb on each end that stayed put well in the thick wig.  I did not need to use any pins to hold the tiara in place, but I did use some hairspray on the wig to help tame the wild curls a bit.  The necklace was the only thing I needed to alter.  The length just happened to make the pendant hit exactly where the brooch is on the dress.  To shorten it to a choker length, I simply tied one knot on each end near the clasps.  The wig hid the knots completely from view.

We had a Batgirl and a witch costume already on deck for Halloween, but I think our daughter would like to dress up as Merida again.  The dress is the perfect length for her to wear a pair of capri leggings underneath for the cooler October weather.

In addition to the Merida Princess Dress (Retail $19.99), Wig (Retail $14.99), and Jewelry Set (Retail $9.99), you can also find the JAAKS Pacific Merida's Adventure Dress and the Bow and Arrow Set at your local Toys"R"Us and Target stores.

Thank you to JAKKS Pacific for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon.