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Trash Pack Series 2 Collectible Trashies Are Here!

Approximately a year ago, my children were introduced to Trash Pack toys.  Honestly, I was surprised at how utterly cool they thought these little trash-themed figures were.  Then when we were able to give out individual Trash Packs for Halloween to the trick-or-treaters, I saw how excited all the children were and I knew then that these toys were here to stay.  They were also a huge hit when I put them in goody bags for our son's 8th birthday.

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From Series 1, my children only ever owned the figures, but they seemed to really want the The Trash Pack 'Trashies' Garbage Truck, so I am happy to see that this batter-free toy has returned this year along with a slew of new figures.  The Series 2 Trashies figures (168 to be exact) include the Astro Trash metallic Trashies, the Special Edition Moldy Trashies, and a new wave of The Gross Gang Trashies.

Like a real garbage truck, this one can lift a dumpster up and empty it into the receptacle in the rear.  My 8 year old son's favorite feature of this truck is the two sides that open to reveal a space in the center of the truck.  He likes to imagine that it is a secret headquarters for the Trashies.  It's also pretty cool that you can store up to 10 Trash Pack cans in this section of the truck, making it a great portable toy for your child to take to a friend's or relative's house.

Our 8 year old son plays with this toy much differently than our 5 year old twins.  He seems to be interested in the collectible aspect of this toy series.  He likes to look up the names of each figure on the included chart and to play the suggested games, such as stacking up the garbage cans and trying to knock them over with the Trashies.  His favorite Series 2 figure is the toilet named Septix, who is part of the Hard Rubbish collection.

The Trashies are quite affordable and would make great rewards for children.  The Five Pack Collections retail for just $5.99 and the 12 Pack Collection is a great value at $9.99.  The Garbage Truck retails for $19.99 and really brings forth imaginative play to Trash Pack toys.  Visit to learn more about these and other Trash Pack products and to play The Trash Pack Stack game on your computer.

Thank you to Moose Enterprise for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon.