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"Spot It Jr.! Animals" is a Fun Developmental Game for Early School-Aged Children

If you read my previous review of Spot It! from Blue Orange Games, you know that we really enjoy playing it as a family. It is fun, quick, and compact, which makes it a perfect game for us. Blue Orange Games was kind enough to send me Spot It Jr.! Animals, a simple twist on the other version of Spot It!. Spot It Jr.! Animals is the same concept as original Spot It!. Each of the 31 cards features 6 animals and each card has one, and only one, matching animals between the two cards. Spot It Jr.! is designed for children under 7, so it’s all the fun of Spot It! simplified.

My 5 year old, Quinn, loves playing Spot It Jr.! with his 6 year old cousin, Jevinn. They think it’s fun and they love finding the animals on each card. They don’t know that Spot It Jr.! is a great way to sharpen their visual perception and cognitive skills, so it’s teaching as they have fun. They can spend an hour or more playing Spot It Jr.! over and over and the only problem they have is having to be the “loser” of the round.

You can purchase Spot It Jr.! at many major retailers. Find out where at This game retails for approximately $9.99.

Thank you to Blue Orange Games for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.