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Silly Monkey Story: A Naptime Surprise

Every single weekday, our 5 year old twins complain about having to take a nap.  They just cannot make it to dinnertime, which is usually around 6:30pm or 7:00pm, without one during the school year.  They are normally in bed for the night by 9pm.  Soon, they will be on a summer vacation schedule and will be sleeping later in the mornings, so naps will not be an issue.

It is not unusual for me to have difficulty waking them up from their naps because school really wipes them out.  Having them fall into a deep sleep not too long after they complain about having to take a nap is pretty much the norm.  What is not normal is for me to find this when I go to wake them up . . .

(Click photo to enlarge)

The twins really have not slept in the same bed since they were infants and toddlers, so this was a huge surprise to me.  Also, I wanted to capture the expressions of deep sleep on their faces with a close shot, but what you do not see is how they are buried under several plush ducks and Mickey Mouse toys.

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