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Silly Monkey Story: The Code Has Been Cracked

I always knew I needed to be careful about what I said around the kids, but I had no idea my methods of
encryption had been cracked...or nearly cracked.

I know better not to spell out things to Karen in front of Jake as he can spell very well, but I thought I
had another year or so with the twins. Well apparently not so much.

I had a hard time with a coworker last week and wanted to tell Karen about it. To make my point I
spelled out to Karen what I thought of this person as Makenzie was quietly drawing on her magnetic
doodle pad nearby.

When I was done speaking to Karen, Makenzie comes over to me and presents her drawing to me and
says "like that?"

Makenzie drew "8SS" on her pad.

I think I need to upgrade to an enigma machine....

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