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Our 8 Year Old Son Has Been Promoted to Writer

For a few years, our son Jake has been co-writing product reviews with me now and then.  He really does enjoy contributing to reviews because it has been very low pressure.  He simply gave his opinion in one or two short paragraphs about the particular book or toy.  Well, I finally decided that he is ready to write entire reviews on his own, so I have promoted him to a guest writer right alongside Jerinda and Todd.

Jake actually has his own blog called Jake's Clubhouse, but he has not posted on it for quite a long time.  I'm hoping that being a contributor on 3G2S will spark him to write other things, such as book and computer game reviews for his own blog.  Look for his first solo review, which is scheduled to be published very soon.  You can read all the posts he has written and co-written here.