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Love My Customized American MoJo Owl Pillow from Zazzle!

If you could not tell from my site logo, I have an affinity towards owls.  They just seem so wise and always composed and dignified (all good qualities for which to aim).  I must say that I have shown great restraint when it comes to adding owls to our home decor.  In fact, this is the very first owl anything I own.  I don't even have an owl mug!  I think I was just waiting for the right thing . . .

How did I know this American MoJo custom pillow was the right thing?  Well, because I immediately found this pair of owls to be extremely adorable, but also because I could change the background color of the pillow plus the text (including font and color) on both the front and back of the pillow.  You can even make the background color on the front different than what is on the back!  I played with all the design options for a long time until I came up with something I absolutely loved.  If you are indecisive like me, then I suggest you grab a beverage and a comfy chair before you sit down to customize your pillow.

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Deciding upon what to use for the text on my owl pillow was the easy part.  I knew I wanted my husband's and my name on the front.  On the back, I used the phrase that is engraved inside our wedding rings.  Choosing the font color was also fairly easy because I went with the same color used for the branch.  The font and the background color were not quite as easy to choose.  There were just too many options.  I even used a color code chart to help me, but the squares of color are so tiny online.  I was going for a golden khaki color, but the pillow turned out a little on the peach side.  If you are really trying to match a color in your home design, you definitely need the exact hex code.  Even if the color looks off on your computer screen, the product should come out the correct color.

There are three more things that make this pillow perfect.  First, the cover has a hidden zipper, is removable, and is machine washable in cold water (tumble dry on low).  This is wonderful for anyone who has children, pets, or messy adults in their home.  Second, this pillow is super-comfortable.  It is a generous 20" square.  My 8 year old son is constantly trying to steal it to put in his bed.

The third and last thing that makes me love this pillow is that Zazzle has teamed up with American MoJo to benefit single mothers in the U.S. by providing employment and free child care options.  If you are a fan of "gifts that give", then giving an American MoJo pillow should definitely be something for you to consider.  These pillows retail for $49.95 and up and are also available in a 13" x 21" rectangle.  You can view all the custom and non-custom pillow options on

Thank you to Zazzle for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.