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The InGenuity™ Cozy Coo™ Sway Seat . . . An Infant Swing with an AC Adapter

Having a baby swing when you have an infant is an essential for most parents. In my experience, most swings lack all the features that are often needed in an infant swing. When I was given the opportunity to try the InGenuity™ Cozy Coo™ Sway Seat, I was very excited to try this swing because of its amazing features.

I’ll start with my favorite feature of this swing: the option to use batteries or plug it into the wall. I cannot tell you how many (likely) hundreds of dollars I have spent on batteries for infant swings in my 10 years of parenthood and of owning a daycare and I have frequently wondered why swings don’t come with an AC adapter option. Even if this swing had none of its other great features, I would love it solely for this.

Happily though, this swing has many other amazing features that make it the best swing I’ve ever owned. It has a gentle side-to-side rocking motion that makes it much more natural and soothing for the little ones, an adjustable cradle seat that goes in three positions and a built in toy mobile with cute plush toys. Another favorite feature of mine is the eight calming sounds that include both songs and nature sounds such as rain and white noise which I love because music while sleeping isn’t always natural or very soothing for babies. It also has TrueSpeed technology to maintain even speed as baby grows and has energy savings with a WhisperQuiet ride using their patented Hybridrive. It even has a time for 30, 45, or 60 minutes to make this an irresistible seat.

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I love this swing. It is fairly compact, as far as swings go, and really is very quiet. This has come in very handy with my niece and she loves rocking gently to sleep in it every day. My only complaint is that it’s not big enough for an adult because I guarantee I wouldn’t have problems sleeping in that swing! This swing is well made and truly amazing and would make any new mom’s life easier.

You can purchase the InGenuity™ Cozy Coo™ Sway Seat for $139.99 at Buy Buy Baby.

Thank you to Ingenuity for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.