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My GBC Creative Laminator Makes Craft and Kids Projects Even More Fun

I recently shared an easy craft for a DIY menu board.  One of the last steps in the project is to laminate the cards on which you have written your dinner choices.  I wanted to show everyone how super-easy this is to do using my GBC Creative 9" Laminator with the GBC HeatSeal UltraClear Thermal Laminating Pouches.

I used custom printed Moo MiniCards for my meal cards, which have my own food photography printed on the backs of the cards.  It was difficult to show in the photo, but I was amazed at how clear the UltraClear pockets turned out after going through the laminating process.  I was extremely pleased that the quality of my photos was in no way reduced.  This is light-years better than our old "antique" of a laminator that used to leave bubbles amidst a sea of cloudiness.

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Laminating my meal cards was as easy as placing them between the two layers of the laminating pouch, carefully covering them with the top layer, and inserting the pouch between the two layers of the cardboard sleeve that comes with the laminating pouches.  I placed the cards over an inch apart because our old laminator would leave a wide bubble of air around the item being laminated.  I soon learned that was not necessary with the GBC laminator.

After the the green light comes on indicating that the laminator has heated sufficiently, simply feed the filled sleeve into the front of the laminator.  The sleeve then self-feeds itself through the heated laminator and comes out the back.  Even though it may not be necessary, I always feed the sleeve through twice to get the best results.  Then the sleeve is placed on a flat surface to cool completely before I cut out the individual laminated cards.

Some other projects I would like to do with this laminator are . . . 
  • Photo ID cards for pretend play for our children
  • A memory card game made out of photos of our family members (pets included)
  • Pretend play restaurant menus
  • Dry erase chore charts
  • Bookmarks out of our children's art
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