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Little Mommy Dolls Playdate and Birthday Party Ideas

Our now 5 year old daughter received her first Little Mommy Sweet As Me doll for Christmas when she was just about one year old and has added several more dolls to her collection since.  These 14" dolls are the perfect size for a toddler or preschooler and much more affordable compared to most 18" dolls.  In fact, if you are considering an in-store 18" doll party, but are not quite sure you can afford it, you may want to consider hosting a Little Mommy birthday party in your home.  There are lots of free printables, activities, and tips to help you plan a special day for your little girl in the DIY Little Mommy Day activity kit.

Our daughter and I were invited to try some of these DIY activities during a Little Mommy playdate.  Mattel provided my daughter with a Little Mommy doll and a Fashion Pack outfit plus another doll and outfit for a friend.  After she decided on which friend to share this exciting treat with, she had to wait patiently for the day of the playdate to finally arrive . . .

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Prior to the day of our playdate, I prepared some activities to take along with us.  Since our playdate would have likely lasted 2 hours at the most, I chose to make the Little Mommy doll birth certificate for both dolls and the Little Mommy memory game.  To make the birth certificates more personalized for each "little mommy", I printed the blank certificates on my home printer, cut them out, and pasted them onto sheets of colored construction paper that coordinated with the colors in the certificate well.  Then I printed, cut, and pasted an image of each girl's doll onto the same sheet of colored paper.  Images of the most recently released dolls can be found in the Little Mommy Scrapbook Kit, like our daughter's Little Mommy Sweet As Me "Rock Me Baby" Asian Doll.  I easily found an image online of the Little Mommy Sweet As Me "School's Cool" Doll, which would be going to her friend.

I had decided to print, cut, and paste the Little Mommy memory cards onto construction paper, as well.  If you print them out on regular white paper, then the players can easily see the printed images through the back of each piece of paper.  You can avoid this by printing the cards out on heavy cardstock.  I think the colored paper backing framed the cards nicely.  I ended up drawing smiley faces on the backs of the cards so that the girls could easily lay out the cards without any of them being upside down or sideways.  You could use stickers or glue the Little Mommy logo on the backs instead.  I also chose to print out two sets of cards since there were only 12 cards per set.

I have to say that my daughter's friend was thrilled about receiving the doll and the outfit.  Her attention was on other things, so only my daughter completed the birth certificate activity during the playdate.  She ended up naming her doll Nancy (after Fancy Nancy) and filled in the whole certificate herself.  She even drew in little footprints in the designated space at the bottom.  The next time I saw her friend at school, she had brought her Little Mommy doll in to show her teachers and the whole class.  Then she told me that her Mom had helped her fill out the birth certificate the night before and she ended up naming her doll Curly Shirley.

Even though our daughter had played memory before, after her first game with these cards, she has asked to play again and again.  I think these sets of Little Mommy memory cards would make great party favors for your guests to take home.

The Little Mommy Day Facebook app features Rosie Pope, host of Bravo’s “Pregnant in Heels”, and includes the following tips and activities . . .
  • Little Mommy Day! Event Guide
  • Little Mommy Day! Invitation
  • Little Mommy Day! Pretty Patterns & Decor ideas
  • Little Mommy Day! Giggle Grahams Recipe
  • Little Mommy "My Little Scrapbook" activity
  • Little Mommy "My Little Birth Certificate" activity
  • Little Mommy "Photo Memories" Family Tree activity
  • Little Mommy Flashcards activity
  • Little Mommy "My Little Hand & Footprints" activity
  • Little Mommy Day! Memory Cards game
To find out more about Little Mommy dolls, fashions, and accessories, visit and Little Mommy on Facebook.  You can purchase Little Mommy products at the Mattel Shop, Toys"R"Us,, and most major toy retailers.

Thank you to Mattel for providing complimentary product samples of Little Mommy dolls and fashions for our playdate and for providing additional product for our contest prize.

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