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Boys' Fedora Hats from Born To Love Clothing

You may not know this, but our sons are every bit as fashion conscious as our daughter, especially our 8 year old son.  When we had the chance to try on some boys' hats for size from the online children's boutique Born To Love Clothing, there was no doubt in his mind that he wanted a fedora.  Image is everything after all, right? After both boys chose which fedoras each one wanted, our 8 year old immediately explained that they would need to wear sunglasses, a plain white t-shirt, and jeans for the photo shoot.  Who was I to argue . . .

Our 5 year old son chose the Fedora Hat with Skull, which was not a surprise since everyone knows that skulls are cool.  His big brother opted for the more sophisticated Black Fedora with Black and White Band.  Both hats have a 100% cotton shell and a 100% polyester lining.  The boys wore these hats in 70 degree weather without feeling overheated at all.

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Both hats were extremely well-made . . . not one loose thread or crooked stitch to be found.  These fedoras look very tailored and polished, as all fedora hats should.

The lining of both hats is done in this deep red jacquard satin.  I was so impressed about how the insides of the hats were finished just as beautifully as the outsides.

I was definitely impressed by these hats, but what did the boys think?  Well, they found their hats to be extremely cool-looking, which in turn made themselves feel cool while wearing them.  There is no doubt that they found their fedoras to be lots of fun . . . fun to wear, fun to carry around, fun to take off and to put back on again.  Both boys wore their hats for several hours at a time.  They seemed to be a perfect fit and were comfortable to wear.  Our 8 year old wore a size XL and our 5 year old a size L.

You can find more fedoras, many other styles of hats, and other children's apparel at and at over 250 stores worldwide.  The fedora hats retail for $28.50 each and this boutique even offers some for girls.

Thank you to Born To Love Clothing for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon and for providing a gift certificate for our contest prize.

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