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Fun Facebook Activity & Trailer from "Ice Age 4: Continental Drift" (Coming to Theaters July 13th)

The lovable characters from the Ice Age films are back in the sequel Ice Age: Continental Drift.  You can expect this family film to hit theaters on July 13th, right in the middle of summer vacation.  What better way to get a little break than to take the children to an air conditioned theater to enjoy a big tub of movie theater popcorn and the comedic talents of Ray Romano (voice of Manny), John Leguizamo (voice of Sid), Denis Leary (voice of Diego), Seann William Scott (voice of Crash), Josh Peck (voice of Eddie), Jennifer Lopez (voice of Shira), and Queen Latifah (voice of Ellie)?

Ready for some fun?  Watch the trailer below to familiarize yourself with some of the Ice Age 4 characters.  Then share this photo of the main characters on your Facebook wall and tag them with the names of your family and friends who remind you of each character's personality and/or appearance.

For even more fun, visit for free games, activities, and downloads.  Also, follow Ice Age on Facebook and on YouTube to see the latest Ice Age 4 trailers.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming Ice Age giveaway during the first week of July.  We'll be giving away some cool Ice Age gear and plus a Visa Gift Card so you can catch Ice Age: Continental Drift in theaters.