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For Better or For Worse: Things My Husband Does at Work When He is Bored

My husband works in the IT field for an outstanding company.  In this field, sometimes things are hopping and sometimes they a little slow.  I suppose it's a good thing that a hundred people are not putting in tickets to request IT help for their computers all at once.  So what does my husband do at work when he is bored? Well, I actually asked him and his response was "I look through installed software on networked PC's to see what's not supposed to be there, go through cookies and temp files to see if we have any malware/inappropriate surfing going on.  I also have been cleaning out and reorganizing the Lab/Server room. Why?"  That was a good answer, but here are some other things I know he does . . .

1.  Thinks about how his life would be different if he was a millionaire.

2.  Shops for the latest in technology and electronics that usually fall into the things-we-could-never-afford category.  Then he excitedly sends me the links as if doing so will get him closer to owning those items.

3.  Logs into our 8 year old's home computer while our son is playing games on it to "mess with him" by moving his mouse pointer and giving the computer other commands that our son did not initiate.

What do you think your spouse does at work to pass his or her downtime?