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Father's Day Giveaway: Cool Mouth Man "Animated" Hoodies for Kids and Adults [CLOSED]

Two years ago, our son put on his first Mouth Man hoodie.  It was the T-Rex and he wore it as often as he could until he finally outgrew it.  What a sad day that was for him.  I cannot tell you how thrilled he was to have received this Dragon hoodie a few weeks ago, one of Mouth Man's newest designs.

Mouth Man hoodies not only look cool, but the company is actually the brainchild of Ross Valory, one of the founding members of the rock band Journey.  What could be cooler than that?  Well, how about these shirts being made out of UPF 50 fabric manufactured from recycled plastic bottles?

When my son started wearing his T-Rex hoodie, he was six years old and wore a size 8 Mouth Man hoodie.  Although the slim cut of the body fit him well, the sleeves were a little long.  Today he is 8 years old and normally wears a size 7/8, but is wearing a size 10 in this Dragon hoodie.  The sleeves seem to be the right length and the hoodie seems to fit well from the front.

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The sleeve length is the key to these hoodies fitting properly because you need each animal's snout to hit right at the points of both elbows.  If lined up properly, the creature's eyes should be on the top and the two elbows stacked together will form the mouth.  In full view, the arms form the creature's head and the rest of the animal's body is shown on the front of the hoodie.  With some practice, you can animate the creature by making its upper and lower jaws open and shut by moving your arms.

Although the hoodie fits my son well from the front, from the back there is lots of extra room in the shoulders.  Since every adult and child is built differently, I highly suggest you check the measurements on the sizing charts.

I think Mouth Man hoodies would make a unique gift for Father's Day, especially if Dad has a little rock 'n' roll in him.  I also think it would be so much fun to have matching father and son (or daughter) hoodies.  The adult hoodies retail for $39.99 and the kids' hoodies for $29.99.  Through 7/1/2012, you can receive 25% off your entire order when you checkout using Code: kidstuff.  As always, there is flat rate $5 ground shipping within the continental U.S.

Thank you to Mouth Man for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon and for providing an additional product for our contest prize.

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