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The "Big Book of What?" . . . a Fun New Addition to the Time For Kids Book Series

The Big Book of What? is part of the Time For Kids series.  The other books in this series are the Big Book of Science Experiments, the Big Book of Why?, and the Big Book of How?.  This series teaches kids science experiments and facts that answer what kids want to know.  This book taught me what the strongest muscle is.  The strongest muscle is the jaw.

This book also taught me what an "ackee" is.  An ackee is a fruit brought from South Africa to islands in the Caribbean.  The black seeds are very poisonous.  I also think that it looks really cool.  The poisonous part of this fact is why this is my favorite part of the book.

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My Mom's favorite part is the "What is the Hungry Ghost Festival?" fact.  This fact is about a celebration a teeny bit like Halloween celebrated in China.  I also like that the pictures look really really cool.

I think this series would be good for people ages 8 to adult, especially for people who like learning and discovering new things.  I wonder what the next book in the series will be . . .

You can buy the Big Book of What? from major book retailers, such as and Barnes & Noble, in both hardcover and paperback.

Thank you to Time For Kids for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon.