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Silly Monkey Story: The Polite Patient

A few days ago, our 5 year old daughter took a spill for no apparent reason in her brothers' room.  She ended up getting a patch of rug burn right above her elbow.  After a couple of days, the patch was completely scabbed over.

Then one evening, while the children were getting ready for bed, our daughter calls down from upstairs and asks me where her Dad is.  I asked her what she needed and she said in her usual small voice . . .

"I have a little problem I need help with."

So, my husband goes to check on her and asks her what she needs.  I heard her repeat the same statement, "I have a little problem I need help with."  Then I heard her start to cry a little bit.

Well, it turns out she had bumped her scab and tore it off halfway.  There was blood gushing out and dripping on the floor.  I don't blame her at all for crying because it was a lot of blood and it must have hurt quite a bit.  What I cannot understand is why she did not just say "I need help!" or "I'm bleeding!!!" with more of a sense of urgency.  The way she was talking, you'd think she had dropped a toy behind her bed rather than bleeding profusely.