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My Grammy, Bingo Night, and Me

I am an online gamer, have been for nearly 13 years. Something about playing against real people at any time of the day without any time spent trying to meet and organize is very appealing to my busy life. By the time I get home and do everything I need to do, its 9PM or later before I can get a little time for entertainment. Online games are perfect for the time I have, within minutes I am in the thick of battle, a challenging maze, or about to solve a puzzle, all against real live people (most of whom I've never met!)

Although I have my favorite games to play, I really am up for anything that pits me against real people. Once you go head to head online playing against a real person an artificially controlled opponent doesn't cut it anymore. Let's face it, there is nothing more satisfying that being better than a competitor. Especially in your boxer shorts at midnight from halfway around the world!

My aunts and grandmother used to play bingo every week way back in the day. Rain, sleet or snow they needed to get to bingo or the world would end. How many times did I have to tell a date or my buddies they needed to wait for me because I needed to take Grammy to bingo?  Dozens, for sure! If my grandparents were alive today I would make sure they had a PC with high speed internet to bring bingo right to their home. I can imagine it now: "Grammy, just click where it says 'online bingo click here' " and I would have made all my dates on time!

The convenience of online gaming is really what impresses me. I can play against anybody in the world, anytime, and pretty much anywhere. I have online apps for my Smartphone that can pit me against a real opponent in moments while I am not even home. Imagine my grandmother sitting at the beach playing her bingo on a phone! Who am I kidding, my grandmother would be "fragging noobs" with a high end gaming laptop drinking a Kahlua on the porch if she was alive today!

I can't imagine what online gaming will bring next. One thing for sure is, I will be ready and willing for whatever it is!