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Living Green With Jerinda: Bugables and Twist-It All-Natural Mosquito Repellents

In Missouri, we had an unseasonably warm winter, so the mosquitoes are already heavy outside. I am always on the lookout for good, natural bug repellent, so I was happy to try out some new, all-natural bug repellents.

First up we tried the Bugables Mosquito Repellent Stickers. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen, these stickers work by using plant-based essential oils that mask the scent that humans naturally emit that attracts bugs. Each sticker works for up to 200 hours, protect a 4-6 foot area and are made from 100% natural oils, like lemongrass and citronella. These stickers do smell very good and not “chemically” at all, which I really like. They seem to work very well also, which is great. I did see a couple of mosquitoes swarming around me when we used them, but they never landed on me or bit me, so that’s a plus. I was very pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of these stickers.

The Citronella Plus TWIST-IT Mosquito Repeller is another unique product that uses natural oils to repel and resist mosquitoes. This repeller can be hung from or twisted around things to keep it securely attached for maximum effectiveness. I did notice more mosquitoes around me when using this and even got a few bites, but it was still pretty effective, in my opinion. Natural bug repellents do not work the same as or even as well as most chemical-laden versions, and some do not work at all, so even minor effectiveness is a plus. I think the closer you are to this, the better, but the farther you move away, the less it seems to work.

The bug repellent stickers by Bugables come five to a pack and retail for $3.99 and up. The TWIST-IT retails for $5.99 and up each.  Both can be purchased at and, in addition to other major mass retailers nationwide. 

Thank you to PIC Pest Free Living for providing complimentary product samples for us to base this review upon.