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Letters To Karen: New Year's Reso . . . What?

Dear Karen,

Now that it is nearly June and we are 5 whole months into the year, I thought it would be a good idea to check-up on you to see how well you have been doing with those New Year's resolutions you made on January 1st.  You didn't forget about those, did you?  Let's see how things are going . . .

1.  Observe, enjoy, and celebrate all the small changes in your children - I'd say you have made some effort with this one, but you really need to try harder.  You were doing so well at the beginning to not be too busy to do this, but during the past month or so you have progressively become busier again.

2.  Have a date night with your husband at least once a month - You have totally failed on this one.  Out of the 5 date nights you should have had by now, you have had zero, if you don't count watching a movie on DVD one time.  Tsk!  Tsk!!

3.  Learn the art of creating clipart - You have spent no time on this at all.  You have been too busy to even think about doing this and too busy to even feel guilty about not doing this.  It's shameful!

Now that you are overcome with guilt and disappointment, I want to remind you that the year is not over.  There are still 7 months left for you to turn this year around.  If you're looking for more of a pep talk than that, then you're looking in the wrong place.