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The Neater Feeder Keeps Pet Food and Water Messes Contained

We have some messy cats, in particular, one super-messy cat. Our youngest cat, Sagwa, is compelled to get as much water from the water bowl into the food as possible for some reason. She makes such a mess we used a boot mud tray to keep the bowls on to help contain the mess.

We have tried various things to keep Sagwa from making this mess.  Some have helped, but nothing has actually prevented it. I don't know if you have ever smelled moldy "dry" cat food before, but it is quite unpleasant. When we had the opportunity to try the Neater Feeder mess-proof feeders, I could not be more pleased.

We received a Neater Feeder Small (dog size, we have some really big cats) and it is the perfect size. Although the one we have is ideally sized, I don't know how people could use the smaller cat sized one unless they had some very small cats. The colors are handsome and conservative and would not be out of place in most kitchens. The Neater Feeder also comes with a set of feet for taller or larger pets (we didn't need to use ours for the cats).

The unit sets up in moments and could not be simpler to use. The cats were not put off by the new arrangement and were feeding as normal shortly after we set the Neater Feeder up.

So how did the Neater Feeder do against our messy Sagwa? Pretty good I would say. The Neater Feeder does not prevent Sagwa from making her mess, but it contains it to one small place. All the water runs through the holes into the tray below, while any loose food stays in the top tray. I do need to clean up just as often as before, the difference now is that I just lift the food and water tray out and empty the bottom tray, very easy. As far as keeping the water out of the food bowl that is a different story, the Neater Feeder does nothing to prevent it.  But for full disclosure, nothing else has either and the Neater Feeder did not promise to do that.  Maybe they would consider making a new model that has the food and water bowl spaced apart further?

Overall the Neater Feeder is a great product and it does exactly as it promises: Contain your pet feeding messes and make clean up a snap. Now if something could just keep my Sagwa from emptying the water bowl into the food...

To determine which of the four sizes of Neater Feeder is the best fit for your pets, visit  You can purchase this product on the Neater Feeder website and from, Especially For Pets, Petco, and other specialty retailers.

Thank you to Neater Feeder for providing a complimentary product sample for us to base this review upon and for providing a second product for our contest prize.

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