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The Benefits of Playing Online Games With Your Children

Before we had children, I played online role playing games regularly.  When our first son reached about 6 months in age, I decided to give it up because I could no longer play very often without interruption.  Instead, I would download games from sites such as I-Play, like Dream Day True Love and Women's Murder Club.  These are games with which I could just stop and get up from the keyboard anytime I needed and I did not dessert one or a whole group of real people by doing so.

Now that our oldest son is 8 years old, he has begun showing interest in online gaming.  When my husband and I decided to allow him to play a carefully chosen online role playing game, I made the decision to start playing also.  Aside from being a nice diversion for me, playing the game with my son allows me to keep an eye on him in-game.  I am part of the same guild as he is.  It also gives us one more thing that we have in common, which is a number that will get smaller as he gets older.  It's nice to have something fun to talk about other than homework, cleaning his room, and eating his vegetables.

With our twins being only 5 and the size of my workload, I still do not get to play as regularly as I would like.  There are times when I only login to the game once in the span of a week.  I do try to make time for it because it is nice to have this in common with my son.  I hope we will have this fun thing in common for many years to come.  Even if he starts to become embarrassed by me in real life when he gets older, he will still think I'm cool in-game, right?

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