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5 Easy Home Decor Projects You Can Do With Your Children

As summer vacation draws near, you may be starting to think about what you can do to fill all those hours during the week when the children would normally be in school.  Some of those hours, especially during rainy days, could be spent doing some easy DIY home decor projects.  I often become inspired about such projects while browsing through various craft supplies.  I just love that "light bulb" moment when an idea pops into my head.

My favorite type of craft is something that can be used or displayed after the project has been completed.  If you like the idea of doing some DIY decor crafts with your children, here are some easy project ideas that came to mind while I was browsing the Factory Direct Craft website . . .

1.  Decorate a Wreath - If your children are old enough to use a hot glue gun, decorating a wreath from scratch would be lots of fun.  If your children are younger, you could buy or make a basic wreath like this one and add butterflies, birds, ribbon, or a big bow to it.  Either way, a wreath project usually results in something beautiful that can be proudly displayed on the front door.

2.  Fill a Wagon - Find a little rustic or antique-looking wagon that can sit on a shelf or a large wagon to go in the garden or on the front porch.  Regardless of the wagon's size, it would be quite fun for your children to think of ideas to fill it.  Will they fill it with painted wooden hearts and stars, with teddy bears, potted plants, artificial flowers, or something else?  The possibilities are endless.

3.  Paint an Airplane - Wooden airplane kits are quite inexpensive.  It would be the perfect project for an older child who has the patience and skill to paint such a model.  One or two of these planes would look great suspended from the ceiling of a child's bedroom or a playroom.

4.  Decorate a Letter - Unfinished wooden letters come in all sizes.  You could have your child decorate the first letter of their name, his or her initials, or their whole name.  Decorating could entail anything from painting to decoupage to gluing buttons or glitter onto the letters.  These would be perfect for hanging on the child's bedroom door or wall.

5.  Experiment with String Lights - String lights are not just for the holidays.  They can make subtle or spectacular displays both inside the home or in the backyard.  You could string them indoors on a ficus tree, around a window, around a mirror, or place them in a glass vase or a jar.  Whatever you do, when the rest of the lights go off, the results will be beautiful, especially to a child.

What ideas do you have for easy DIY home decor projects that you could invite your children to help with?