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What Social Media Information Should Go On Your Business Card?

I have an opportunity coming up to design a new logo for my shopping blog, A Blog of Goodies.  This has always been a secondary blog to me.  I only recently started to focus on growing the readership and its presence on Facebook.  I never even included it on my business cards.  So, I was thinking that, since I will have a brand new logo, I should probably design a  separate business card for my second blog.

At first, I was thinking about printing the card for 3G2S on one side of the card and the information for ABOG on the other side.  Then I started to wonder if that would leave enough space to include as much social media information as possible.  Just take a look at this blog and how many social media sites to which there are links.

Here is what I currently have on my business card for 3G2S . . . 
  • Name
  • Title
  • Site logo
  • Site URL
  • Email
  • Facebook page URL
  • Twitter handle
I would definitely leave off my personal Facebook page, my YouTube channel, and StumbleUpon, but what about LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest?  That is why I am considering having the standard business card on the front, but using the entire backside for social media.

What do you have on your business card(s)?