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Tea Collection's Playground-Friendly Summer Collection for Girls

Although in many parts of the country, school will be ending in a few weeks, here in Massachusetts, our children will be in school well-into June.  It is only April and we have already experienced some unseasonably warm weather.  After our last heat wave, I realized that I should have purchased more playground-friendly and school-appropriate warm weather clothes for my daughter.  When Tea Collection had their last big sale, I ordered several outfits for her to wear this coming fall, but now I need more summery clothes that still look nice enough for school.

Whether you are in the same situation as I am, needing warm weather clothing that will work for both school and summer vacation, or you are planning a family getaway, the many 5-piece sets offered by Tea Collection are a great place to start.  Not only are they stylish and comfortable, but they are well-coordinated and often comes with pieces that can be mixed and matched.  Rompers, shorts, capri pants, and knee-length dresses are the perfect thing, whether in school, on the playground, or on vacation, for an active preschooler like our daughter.

Tea Collection Dharma 5-Piece Set

Tea Collection Bali Love 5-Piece Set

Tea Collection Moon Orchid 5-Piece Set

Out of the four 5-piece sets shown here, I think my daughter would love the "Dharma" the most.  How could she resist the mermaid and a hoodie combination?

Remember to checkout the Tea Collection new arrivals for boys too.  Sometimes I have so much fun shopping for my daughter, I almost forget I have two fashion conscious sons.