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Silly Monkey Story: Say What?

Earlier this year, our daughter got a new baby doll that she just adored.  That Monday, when she returned to school, she could not wait to tell her teacher all about it.  When I went to pick the twins up that day, their teacher told me that Makenzie had told her all about her doll, but when she asked her what the doll's name was, she just could not understand what Makenzie said, even after she repeated it several times.

You see, I think our daughter is the only Bostonian whose accent is so strong that other Bostonians cannot always understand her.  I have no idea where she picked up such a strong accent, since my husband's and mine are only detectable when we say certain words.

Anyways, before I left with the twins, the teacher asked Makenzie one more time what she had named her doll so that I could hear it and try to decipher it for her.  I listened carefully and after a minute, I realized she was saying "Junior."  I had forgotten that she had mentioned to me that she named her doll that even though she had decided the doll was definitely a girl.  I remember thinking that I would never be able to explain to her why Junior was not a good name for a girl, so I let it go.  I just never dreamed she would be having a conversation about that very topic with some other poor unsuspecting person.