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Silly Monkey Story: Dressed Like a Monkey

This is something that happened a week or two ago and I still cannot get over how silly it was . . .

Every night, I lay the children's clothes out for them for the next morning.  That way, I don't have to worry about whether they match, are wearing something overly wrinkled, or just plain look ridiculous.  Well, in spite of my efforts, our two boys still managed to do the latter.

Our youngest son came downstairs for breakfast after getting dressed.  Well, I noticed that he kept pulling his pants up.  I took another look and called our oldest son over.  I told him to stand next to his little brother.  Neither of the boys could figure out why I had asked them to stand there.  Then I called my husband over to look at them.  Our youngest was wearing pants that were three sizes too big for him and our oldest was wearing a pair of pants that hit a few inches below his knees (just like one of those monkeys that plays the drums or the cymbals).

Yes, they somehow managed to get the correct shirts on, but switched their pants.  If I didn't say anything, they would have gone off to school like this as oblivious as ever.  They even have to walk by a huge floor-length mirror to get to the kitchen and they still had no clue they were wearing the wrong pants.  How is it possible?!