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Online Shoppers-in-Training

I have stated again and again that online shopping is the way to go as far as I am concerned, especially when I am look for something specific.  I can hit several online stores in the time it takes me to go to one store locally.  Do not misunderstand, online shopping does not replace a leisurely trip to the mall filled with window shopping, bargain hunting, and Auntie Anne's Pretzels.  It does, however, take the place of driving from one store to another and waiting in long lines with children who may or may not be cranky that day.

Surprisingly, my children do not mind my shopping online for them.  I usually put everything in my shopping cart that they can choose from and they just tell me which ones are their favorites.  This helps to avoid the awkward "There is no way I am spending that much money for a t-shirt you are going to outgrow in 6 months" talk.  My children also understand that I can find almost anything online, whereas that is not true when shopping in-store.  They have experienced the excitement of going to the toy store for a special toy and then the disappointment when they could not find that exact toy.  In fact, I think that my children prefer knowing that an item has been ordered for them and will be on its way soon than my telling them that we will try to go look for it at the store next weekend.  The item may still be arriving next weekend, but I think they like knowing that the deal is done.

There is one last perk about shopping for clothing online for my children.  Many of the sites I purchase clothes for the children, also have something for me.  When I shop at PS From Aeropostale for them, I can hop over to the next tab to see if there is something from Aeropostale for me.  The same thing goes for 77Kids and American Eagle, as well as Old Navy.  I can checkout all at once and somehow it negates the guilt of shopping for myself because I am also buying clothes that the children need while saving on combined shipping costs.  (Don't you just love the way I rationalize?)  I only wish that sites with multiple divisions and one shopping cart would have universal coupons.  For example, if I find some free Aeropostale coupon codes, they usually do not work on the PS merchandise.

How do you and your children feel about shopping online?