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"My Very Own Fairy Tale" is a Delightful Personalized Children's Book

I have given personalized storybooks to my children in the past and they all have had a degree of coolness because our children were actually characters in the story.  However, I found that the My Very Own Fairy Tale Personalized Storybook from, a well-known brand of personalized gifts for children, was especially charming and delightful.

What makes this book so unique is that it uses the letters of your child's first and last name to create the story.  That way, no two books will be identical unless two children have the same names.  It is an extremely inventive concept and thoroughly thrilled our 5 year old daughter since she recently mastered spelling both her first and last name.

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Like most personalized storybooks, I was able to add a special dedication on the title page.  Our message included our daughter's full name, a special sentiment, our daughter's date and year of birth, my husband's and my name, and the year during which we presented our daughter with this book.  Although I removed some of my daughter's personal information from the photo above, you can still see how nice the dedication looks.

We asked our 8 year old son to read this book as a bedtime story to our 5 year old twins.  There were some big words, such as "knowledgeable" and "enthusiasm", but he did great!  The premise of the story is that the fairies of The Fairy Patch need to choose a princess to crown.  With each letter of our daughter's name, a different fairy gave a wonderful reason why our daughter should be the one chosen.  When the story continued on with the letter's of our daughter's last name, everyone found that to be a delightful surprise.  At the end of the book, there is a colorful directory that tells a little about each flower in alphabetical order along with a picture of each fairy associated with each particular flower.

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