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Macy's Thank-A-Mom Movement Fights Violence Against Women

Violent crimes against women are a sensitive subject for most women because it is likely that they have known at least one woman who has been a victim of violence either inside or outside the home.  As part of the Macy's Thank-A-Mom Movement, you can prompt a $3 donation to Futures Without Violence just by sending a Mother's Day card via the Thank-A-Mom Facebook app to a mom on Facebook or by email.  There are 9 designs to choose from and you can send cards to up to 15 mothers in your life.  That's a total of $45 that Macy's is willing to donate on your behalf to this worthy cause.

When our first son was just an infant, the three of us lived in an apartment building in a quiet suburban neighborhood.  One night we heard a lot of yelling and the sound of furniture banging around from the apartment downstairs.  While we were sleeping we heard more of the same and then we heard a woman yelling for help.  We called 911 even though we knew there was a possibility that the offender would find out it was us who reported it.  I was worried that I was home alone with our infant son all day and this man could show up at our door.  Still, I knew we did the right thing because I could only imagine how helpless and scared that woman was to be screaming for help, hoping that someone would hear her.

Watch this video about a man recalling how he watched his father hit his mother when he was a boy, how he ran to the neighbor's house for help, how the neighbor thought it was none of his concern, and how the neighbors never even asked him if he or his mother was okay after that day.  The children who witness such violence must feel just as helpless as the victims themselves.

Futures Without Violence is just one of five worthy causes the Macy's Thank-A-Mom Movement is supporting this Mother's Day.  To learn more about all five charities, visit Macy's on Facebook.

Thank you to M80 for contacting me on behalf of Macy's, who is providing a Jones New York Pashmina for our contest prize and is sending another Pashmina to me as a thank you for participating in this campaign.

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